Call Me

Marie began advertising her Shame Hotline early August of 2016 through coroplast advertising signs, online ads and #yegcanvas, a public art call and commission funded by the Edmonton Arts Council and Pattison Outdoor Advertising. The hotline received over 250 calls.

The Hotline is reminiscent of the personal section on Craigslist, a forum wherein individuals seeking a connection get lost amid a sea of decidedly un-heartfelt interactions. The caller, divested from an audience, can speak freely and openly without interruption and with only their own reservations holding them back from purging perceived shame. If the caller indicates an interest in hearing the artists shame, Marie will leave a confession on the stranger’s answering machine in return. The words that once haunted Marie quickly disassociate from their meaning in the act of dispersing her secret shames. She hopes to remain shame(less).

The hotline has since been discontinued.